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With two genuine lead singers – one male, one female, a total of 3 vocalists, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums; Un-limited has no limits to it’s repertoire.
The already large and constantly growing song catalogue journeys through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today and covers all genres from modern pop to classic rock. Top 40 hits spanning five decades will blow your mind when you hear them played true to the original with the use of absolutely no backing/sequence tapes! This gives an authentic and genuine live atmosphere that simply can’t be recreated in any other way.
Supported by experienced, musical families, all gigs are conducted professionally with over 50 years experience of musicianship and 500 gigs experience between band members.
With an enormous enthusiasm for live shows, this young sensation is rising faster than the days of your favourite hit songs shooting up the charts! Your guests will be left thinking “Oh, What A Night!” as they meander home recollecting the band’s ability to relentlessly recreate that classic sound!
The band’s professionalism, quality musicianship and experience all soar far beyond what they charge to setup and play. You have found yourself a bargain by looking at a comparatively younger band who is eager about building up its reputation.
Whether it is to get people up and dancing or to slow things down with a ballad, UN-LIMITED provides a range of musical entertainment for any occasion. Make it your occasion !