Uptempo New Artist Submission instructions

                                                                         Email your submission to: info@uptempo.com.au

A.   Name, Address & Phone Number

B.   Photos & Logo
High Resolution image files to be supplied in jpg (jpeg) format.

C.   Audio Demo

Audio file must be supplied in MP3 format. Submit maximum of  4 x audio files

D.  Video Footage

Maximum video file size = 10 mb  or  Youtube link.
(Do not include your contact details on the video footage)

E.   Your Biography
Require description of your act \ show most importantly, noting that we do not require loads
of profile information on individual band members.  Supply as text using Microsoft Word

F.   Songlist with original artists name
Supply as text using Microsoft Word or similar


* If you are submitting multiple acts then please submit each act in a separate email

* Kindly note we do not download items from your Website or Facebook page
or accept any content via uneditable PDF files.
 Website inclusion will be at the discression of Uptempo Entertainment International Pty.Ltd

                                   Email your submission to: info@uptempo.com.au

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