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Strawberry Jam is your answer to entertainment that can do it all. Since launching in 2018, they have mastered the art of creating an intimate setting with chilled acoustic sets; to then transform any event into a concert-like experience with its big sound to create “Ultimate Party” vibes. Playing all the best of the newest top 40 hits to those right back to the 60’s at numerous residencies held at some of Melbourne’s most popular and iconic nightclubs and pubs, we are able to cater for a diverse array of audience types and sizes. Additionally, we are constantly adding new songs to our repertoire and scouring the web for the latest fashion trends and sound to deliver innovative performances tailored perfectly to the occasion. Strawberry Jam was founded on being a compact trio with a big sound but has the ability customise its size and outfit. From a sophisticated duo, powerful 3 piece or exciting 4 or 5 piece show band with glamorous costumes and outfits to to “Wow!” any crowd.

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