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The Michelle Gardiner Band is a rock, pop, country & blues band based in Melbourne who are committed to bringing the energy and fun to each performance.  Their unique blend of musical styles brings a breath of fresh air to the Melbourne music scene.  Lead singer Michelle Gardiner’s booming voice defies her pint sized stature and you can count on her to pull a crowd in and get the party started.  Backing her up on stage are Steve O’Hern on electric guitar, Edward Mountain on bass and Nathan Brincau on drums, all of whom can also provide back-up vocals to the mix.

With a set list ranging from the 60’s to today and genres spanning pop, rock, country and blues, the Michelle Gardiner Band can cater to a wide variety of venues and events.  Band available as a 4 and 5 piece, however can accommodate up to as many musicians as you require.

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