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Livewire are a classic rock band with an energy packed repertoire consisting of well known rock covers music.

Livewire cover bands from across the ages including Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Angels, INXS, ZZ Top and The Screaming Jets just to name a few. Consisting of 2 guitars, bass, drums and the screaming power vocals of Craig Ashe, Livewire deliver a wall of sound and visual entertainment which will keep your crowd on their feet dancing the night away. As a frontman Craig will entertain and humour your audience to no end between songs.
Close your eyes and hear Bon Scott back from the dead while they play AC/DC or Robert Plant when they are playing Led Zeppelin.

It’s Livewire’s mission to ensure that everyone who comes to see them perform is blown away and wanting more.
Livewire will give you and your audience the live music experience you seek to remember for some time.

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