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INXSIVE are a band that reproduce not only the sound of INXS, but also the live show that made them as memorable as they are today.  INXSIVE give every audience the opportunity to re-experience live, the incredible music that INXS created throughout their career.  Established in the late 90’s, INXSIVE have been touring their full production show through pubs, nightclubs, theatres, private and corporate functions, festivals and larger outdoor events, both locally and nationally to largely sold out audiences, attracting critical acclaim for their performances.

“Authentic INXS sound and presentation with a high energy performance.  Very impressive”

“I’ve seen some tribute bands in my time and INXSIVE is the bench mark for me. So much energy coming off the stage, very engaging with the audience, and a very authentic sound…What a show!”

“Best concert i’ve seen in ages. Thanks for a fantastic night INXSIVE.  Absolutely loved it”

“Saw you guys headline the Brighter Days Festival last Saturday night to 10,000+ people. Stunning performance!  You absolutely nailed it and had the crowd in the palm of your hand. Very well done”