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Turn your party into an extraordinary adventure for the ultimate party experience. Take your guests into a thrilling Jurassic Adventure with our fully hosted show presented by professional puppeteers and dinosaur handlers. Let them have fun playing various dinosaur-themed games and complete the adventure with an interactive experience with DINOSAURUS REX. When your party is visited by our dinosaur friends, you know its going to be a BIG success. Our parties can be tailored for all ages and themes.


Festival & Street Performances

Having a community event? Enjoy the celebration with our wonderful dinosaur experience. Exhilarate everyone with our life-size dinosaur wandering around the community and make them feel as if they have gone back to the Jurassic Era! Our fully choreographed shows operated by professional puppeteers and experienced dinosaur handlers will both excite and delight all ages from 3 to 93.

This is a perfect idea for school festivals and community celebrations!



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