Beauty & the Beats

Lead by a beautiful and spirited female vocalist all members are multi instrumentalists who truly enjoy performing together which creates an exciting amosphere that listeners and dancers have overwhelmingly loved. All members have excellent personalities and tempremants, being raised with Australian ethics for honesty, hard work and the fair dinkum approach to music.

JAZZ: As a Jazz billing we showcase experience and class in a wide range of genres. With a large repertoir we can move seamlessly between, Swing, Ballad, Waltz, Rhumba, Salsa, Cha Cha, Bossa Nova and Big Band Swing. A quintet that offers multi-instrumentalists as well as lead female and male vocals means any requirements of an evening will be met.

TOP 40 / SOUL: Features the band in top gear performing Soul / Funk and Top 40 tunes that keep the dancers vigorours and the crowd singing and clapping. We have built up a large top 40 and soul repertoir to cater for whatever gets you moving on the dance floor, from Beyonce, Aguilera and U2 all the way through to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones.With stunning lead female and male vocals, rich harmonies, lively beats and an exuberance unrivalled, we are your first choice!