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Bongo is a cheeky but lovable monkey who loves to bust a move on the dance floor, jam along with a tamborine, and generally join the fun. He is often distracted by the thought of his favourite food… bananas of course !
Anastasia is a fun loving character who more often than not breaks into a lively dance. She loves to sing and has a sweet  voice that pleases all. Laced with contagious Carribean rhythms such as reggae and calypso, Paul’s show is highly interactive.

Children are encouraged to sing, dance, join in the actions and also “jam” along with a percussion instrument such as tamborine, claves, bells or maracas from his huge basket of goodies.

The music has a wide dynamic range from listening quietly through to counting down and blasting off in story-song Silver Balloon.

The music has been unanimously declared “parent friendly” and children and adults alike move and groove to the enticing beats and imaginitive stories.

Paul, is a popular childrens entertainer who has made appearances on Channel Sevens “Bookplace” and Foxtel’s “Funhouse” with seven albums released to date. His music is an appealing mix of pop, reggae and  calypso with childrens themes.  Children are encouraged to move and groove and “jam along” with instruments from Paul’s big basket of goodies. Paul has toured nationally and appeared at many of the major events including Warnambool Fun For Kids, Kids Day Out, The Comedy Festival (Kids) and Disney events.


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