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Australian 3 piece Rockabilly / Rock N Roll band featuring members from some of Melbourne’s wildest Rockin bands.

After the success of their Australian tour as Lead Guitarist and Bassist for the legendary Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) and Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) the band THE STRAYS formed in May 2016.

Dizzy Davidson on Lead guitar and vocals strutting his stuff with his Gretsch guitars and howlin vocals. Dizzy has performed over the years in the scene with bands such as, Runaway boys, Rockadees, Ignition, Blue moon boys and now THE STRAYS is his newest addition. Starting off back in 1992 on the drums he then progressed to double bass and after tragedy struck with the passing of he’s brother Dee in 2007 Dizzy took to front and centre with the guitar and vocals with his Eddie Cochran and Setzer influenced style ,Dizzy gives a high energy performance on stage along with covering classics from Cochran, Gene Vincent, Burnette Trio and the stray cats, Dizzy has a hand full of his own original tunes in the set.
Kid Hudson (Runaway Boys / Blue Suede’s) On stand up drums and
Jake Schembri (Road Ratz/Streamliners) on Double bass.


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