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All the greatest hits and memories from the 80’s featuring three performers from the widely acclaimed REWIND 80’s BAND!!

If you just can’t get enough of that retro beat, lets hear it for the boys and a girl that just want to have fun!

RELAX Get out your 80’s attire and fill the dance floor with Rewind 80s Trio playing the hits from Madonna, Duran Duran, Whitney Houston, Dead Or Alive, Human League, Cyndi Lauper, INXS, Gun’s N’ Roses,
Billy Idol and more.

A full sounding production with costumes, big hair, dance moves and lights.

Ghostbusters are welcome amongst other rock stars that you invite to your birthday party or private event..

Rewind 80s Trio will spin you round like a record and leave you footloose in your very own funky town.

You little Ripper!


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