Littlies have been overheard asking to take home this cheeky clown. Adults revisit their childhood, and teenagers want to hang with him. A corporate magician who\’s stunts are strong, but fun. Kids get the blame when things go wrong, get the credit when things go right. Folks deserve spontaneity so there\’s no scripted show. Belly laughs, balloonimals, magic, imagination exercises and a cheeky song breaks up the best part of an hour show. Find out why they send him all over Australia and overseas. For infectious laughter, ask for Mojo or his occasion specific other characters.

Kids can\’t wait to join his obstacle course treasure hunt. He relives his death defying, stupefying tale of escaping beheading at the King\’s behest. And unfortunately forced into piracy, that\’s right he\’s innocent!!! Pirate games break up the hour long, hands on, song, game and magic show. The finalee has the birthday boy shooting the pop gun and magically the target bursts. Of course in accordance with the code, all take the pirate oath and share secrets from the four corners of the flat world me hearties.

A forgetful, beguiling old waiter, who\’s talents seem endless. Comedian, magician, poet, singer, dancer, fire eater etc… He\’s a charmer and lose cannon of inoffensive wit. His show entails 30 min\’ rove and 20 min\’ show. Suits adults, corporate and too cool for clown teenagers. Performed – Hamilton Island, Tahiti, Neumea, Sth Africa, Japan and all over Australia. He doesn\’t say he\’s the best, others do. \’Naughty Simon\’ Christmas Elf Santa\’s favourate roadie, Naughty Simon is very cheeky with a heart as big as W.A. Magic and comedy fill the stockings when Naughty Simon comes to your event. He becomes a pied piper with the children, who state openly that “he\’s cool”. A corperate magician with an endless bag of tricks and comedy.

A Dudley Dooright by-laws officer with his oversized captain\’s hat and rave shorts. He books parents because children are illegal. Delights families with his outrageous citations and quirky penalties. Does pocket magic, baloonimals, serenading, dance, poetry, who knows.


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