Memories Of Connie Francis & Patsy Cline

This show is performed by Marcia Rae who is one of Melbournes finest female singers specializing in the 50’s – 60’s era. She takes the audience down memory lane with the lives of both Connie Francis and Patsy Cline. Singing their biggest hits and telling their individual stories, the audience will be captivated by her similarities to the original artists. First Set – Patsy Cline (30 mins) – in full country costume plus guitar. 10 minute costume change Second Set – Connie Francis (30 mins) – wearing spectacular sequence dress with full Rock & Roll petticoat and rindstone jewellery. Audiences have been very impressed by Marcia’s performances, which makes the show one not to be missed. It is ideal for a Morning Melodies or a Day Tribute Show.

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