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This all round entertainer exudes personality, looks great in his colourful costumes and has a natural ability to create spontaneous audience participation.


During his performance, Marceau demonstrates his versatility by playing the guitar, the trumpet, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute, banjo and also the quena (Andes Flute). The flexibility of his voice and his ability to sing in several languages enables him to perform a variety selection of popular songs. From reproducing the great voices of the Mexican Mariachis such as “La Bamba”, “Quantanamera” to country favourites “She taught me how to Yodel” and “Love Sick Blues. Caribbean favourites, “Day O” , “Island in the Sun” and “Jamaican Farewell”


Over the years, both as a solo artist and in Trios, Marceau has performed on Cruises, Island resorts, Casinos and Clubs throughout Australia

He has toured the world – performing in The United Kingdom, Europe, America, South East Asia, Africa and Mauritius. As a member of Super Latino he has had the honour of doing a Royal Command Performance and was nominated for an “MO” award. As a solo artist he won the best artist award at the Wembley Country Music Festival in London.

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