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I was born in Melbourne and had a very early introduction to music learning Guitar at age 13. I was inspired by my older brother Gary who was a member of “The Saxons” and “The Crickets” also inventing Eminar Amplifiers. My involvement with that environment inspired me to get into music as soon as I could. I joined my first group “Natures Own” 1968, followed by “Midnight Special”, “The Rondells”, “Bluestone” and “Bass Strait. In 1976 I jumped the fence and defected to Country Music, the rest is history. Over 39 years I have released 37 Albums selling over 100,000 units and winning numerous awards.

My songwriting started in 1972 and up to now I have written 200 odd songs and recorded 160 of them. My ability to write covers a wide range and over the years has covered Rock, Pop, Dance, Ballads, Latin, Jazz and Blues. In my professional career I played Guitar, Drums and Keyboard. My arranging and producing skills came from paying attention to all the professionals I have worked with along the way. My motto still is, always play with Muso’s better than you. You learn more. I have produced Albums for many Artists, entertained in Clubs, Pubs, Casinos and Music Festivals all over Australia and in the early days I appeared on many Television Shows.

As an Entertainer today I specialize in Melody Shows, being a Senior myself, I get great enjoyment out of Entertaining folks my own age and walking them down memory lane with songs from the 1950’s 60’s & 70’s. Songs will always remind somebody of another place and time, that’s my Hits & Memories Show. There is not one song I sing that people do not remember.

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