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Cliff is an acoustically driven, singer/songwriter and performances artist with wide appeal who expresses straight from his rhythmic heart and soul. His earthy, organic style is fused somewhere between rhythmic folk rock and soulful alternative rock with a bit of slower tempo, latin embroidery on the edges. He plays a mix of originals and covers with his own twist coming through in each song, his musical media includes guitar, vocal effects and synth. He also collaborates with impressive percussionists and vocalists when complementary to a booking.


Cliff hails originally from the state of Michigan in the U.S. but now resides in the Melbourne area where he’s been writing, building his repertoire and performing regularly.

His influences source from multiple styles and eras including: alternative rock, 90’s rock, hip hop and R&B, reggae, jam style folk particularly Dave Mathews band, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and the like and a fusion of different rock styles.

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