Artist 832

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Artist 832 is a hot concept band playing all the greatest music – Retro hits from the 70\’s and 80\’s.
Artist 832 perform their show in vintage Retro costumes along with Retro wigs and sunglasses -because they know that to play cool, they have to feel cool! (Besides, its not whether you win or lose – its if you look good doing it!)
Artist 832 are for all people of Retro orientation – and those that just want to try it out! They are constantly striving to service the Retro community better!

Artist 832 were introduced to music as kids through the funk and grooves of the 70\’s hits on radio and \’Countdown.\’ And they fondly remember all those wonderfully cheesy 80\’s songs that they danced to at all those Blue Light Discos, and watching Donny Osmond present the T.V. show \’Sounds\’ each week.

Artist 832 has a preferred viewing list that includes \’Top Gun\’, \’Saturday Night Fever\’, \’Fame\’, \’Footloose\’, and any episodes of \’Miami Vice\’ or \’CHiPs\’.

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