Australian Male Comedian of the Year
Awarded the Australian Male Comedian of the Year six times, as well as being named Best Comedy Artist by the Variety Club, his professionalism and the respect he has in the industry are unquestioned.

Heavily booked
A favourite for speaking engagements, Brian Doyle is always heavily booked. He performs as a stand-up comic almost exclusively in the corporate sector and is so popular he has clocked over two hundred corporate performances in one year. That\’s a big load. Even his average of around 150 events per year would be enough to exhaust a lesser performer. Brian Doyle revels in the fun and his speaking engagements are a hit with all who witness them.

In demand and successful
Brian Doyle is Australia\’s most in demand and successful corporate comic. He loves interacting with audiences and guarantees you will recommend him to friends. He has the record to prove it.

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