Now it is almost 19 years later and the Zep Boys are still touring the country recruiting Zeppelin fans with note perfect performances of the most famous and biggest rock band in history… Led Zeppelin. The show has evolved since the early days of the Zep Boys, Vince Contarino the vocalist says \”Our set used to be about 75 minutes, but now with the added acoustic set, the drum solo in Moby Dick, a guitar solo and an extended version of Whole Lotta Love to add to all the classics like Rock N Roll, Black Dog and Stairway To Heaven plus obscure Zeppelin like Ten Years Gone, Custard Pie and Misty Mountain Hop the entire performance can be two and a half hours long\”. Zeppelin lovers have high expectations when it comes to hearing their favourite songs live… according to the Zep Boys this is one of the reasons the band is still together. The challenge of playing Zeppelin never decreases, no matter how many performances we have under our belts, we still get an enormous thrill and great satisfaction delivering the goods to the people that have been coming to see us for almost two decades now !


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