Coyote Girls strut to the beat and heat up the action with a sensationally choreographed routine ˜Tonight we’re calling the shots where the party never stops’.


Motorsport / Formula Fever. Lightning speed, adrenalin driven and furiously slick choreographed flag waving and spectacular moves.

Funky Mama (Funk RnB show. Dynamic display by sexy, glam homey girls. This show will make you want to dance!

Hip Hop Show. Bring out the girls with attitude and a brilliant mix of the hip hop hits to get you moving and shaking !

Kylie Tribute. A mix of all the Kylie hits you know and love.Pop goes glam. You won’t get this show out of your head !

Bring It On (Cheerleader show) is a tribute to the glamorous sporty American cheerleaders. Featuring sizzling moves, aerial displays and amazing pom pom routines.

Moulin Rouge is a tribute to the renowned Moulin Rouge cabaret and blockbuster Hollywood movie that transcends all concept of time. Featuring acrobatic and aerial routines that will leave you astounded.

007 Bond. Role playing to the enigmatic James Bond theme music. Very fast, very funky and very very HOT. Even James Bond would die for these girls!

The Fembots is a throwback to the swinging 60’s. YEAH BABY incorporating the truly shagadelic AUSTIN POWERS dialogue and music anthems.

Chicago sexy, sassy and guaranteed to put jazz into anyone’s step. This show features some great jazz songs and sexy moves from the hit musical.

Santa girls. Santa never had it so good. You better watch out, Santa will work out who’s been naughty or nice with his sexy posse of Santa Girls.