rom show stopping show tunes to high class numbers and a feast of pop classics that you simply aren\’t going to hear anywhere else. If you are aiming for a fabulous wedding, an unforgettable party, or a corporate event that will impress even the most seasoned guest then your search is finally over


Matt Edmunds
A musician to the core, Matt has plied his trade in both hemispheres for over 15 years. England, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Estonia and the list goes on. This major label deal holder adds his own brand of cool to Shaken Not Stirred.
Mark Curtiss
This childhood Oliver has appeared in over 20 West End musicals including \”Chess\” and \”Cats\”. His BBC appearances on both tv and radio span 15 years and he still somehow found time to feature with the black and white minstrels. Often stirred he is NEVER shaken.
Natalie Jay
From her Johnny Young talent school beginnings the only way was up! Boasting an international roster that has included 6 return invites to Japan and a four album deal with Universal Records in Denmark Miss Jay has proved hard to stop. Now her world class stylings have found their way home for your enjoyment. Please enjoy the one and only,……Miss Natalie Jay.
Unbelievable! So much music, so much FUN! More please.
This 3 piece act with guitar and vocals was great for my wedding. This Christmas we\’re booking them as a 5 piece band. Drums, brass, the lot!