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Anne Fulwood has established herself as one of Australian television\’s best-known and most respected journalists and hosts.
But after almost two decades, and a year of careful planning, Anne decided to make the move out of television and into a corporate career. She now runs her own media consultancy, providing specialist MC, hosting and conference services, and strategic media advice and training.
In recent years she has become a highly sought-after host/facilitator for corporate boardroom luncheons, and host of major business, government or charity events. She has many connections with business and government, and mixes very easily across all levels. She also has a broad range of interests and experience across foreign and current affairs, federal and state politics, conservation and the environment, sport and the media.
Born and raised in country South Australia, Anne has a passion for rural Australia and the issues people face in those areas. She grew up on the River Murray, and has a deep interest in the conservation and sustainability of Australia\’s most important river systems for future generations.
Anne began her journalism career at ‘The Advertiser\’newspaper in Adelaide, before moving into radio current affairs production and news reading. She then joined Channel 7 in the mid-80s as a sports reporter, and then moved on to news presenting.
In 1987, she joined Channel Ten in Sydney, working in News and Sport and in 1994, hosted Ten\’s award winning Commonwealth Games coverage which won the coveted Logie Award as well as a People\’s Choice Award.
She established the Channel 10 Late News in 1991 and built a huge audience over five years.
She returned to Channel 7 where she hosted 11 AM and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, before finishing her news reading career on the Seven Late News.
Anne has a keen interest a wide range of issues including foreign affairs and business consumer/competition issues, and has met numerous leading business identities and CEOs during her extensive career. From a rural family, she has a passion for primary industry, conservation and the environment, particularly salinity and maintaining the health of our water resources for future generations. She is presently a Trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales and she has served on the Council for Australian Honours, Film and Literature Board of Review, National Film and Sound Archive (ScreenSound Australia) and the Luna Park Reserve Trust. © Copyright 2005

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