The Songs & Stories Of Elton

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The Songs & Stories of Elton  is a unique and entertaining tribute to Sir Elton John, one of the most iconic popular music figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. The show covers Elton’s remarkable career from his first hit song through the disco era to his music for the Disney film “The Lion King”. You’ll also hear intriguing and often hilarious tales about Elton’s life and the stories behind the songs.

The Songs & Stories Of Elton  was the official entertainment for the 2011 Royal Wedding celebrations at the prestigious Australian Club.

The Songs & Stories Of Elton  now announces the new Pocket Orchestra. Its a three-person show with a big look and a small price. You’ll see Elton at his glitzy white baby-grand piano (transportable to any venue) with two of Melbourne’s finest multi-instrumentalists filling out the look and sound with layered synths, cello, live backing vocals, multi-percussion and studio created tracks.


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