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Cold Chisel and Jimmy Barnes have made their mark in Australian history with some of the greatest Aussie

pub-rock Anthems of all time. Songs such as Flame Trees, Choir Girl, Cheap Wine, Rising Sun, Bow River and of course who doesn’t know the words to Khe Sanh and Working Class Man!

Combine these songs plus some Jimmy Barnes Soul hits and you have a show like no other.

With a wealth of experience, the Khe Sanh Show features the powerhouse vocals of Andy Baker, well respected as
the original vocalist & frontman with Australia’s highly acclaimed, first ever Cold Chisel tribute band, ‘Hot Chisel’ in the late 80’s.

Michael Barker on lead guitar captures the true essence of  Ian Moss with Peter Nolan on keyboards recreating the magic of  Chisel’s highly acclaimed Don Walker.

Max Coleman on bass and Adam Edwards on drums complete the tight punchy rhythm section that is Khe Sanh Show.

Don’t miss Australia’s leading Chisel – Barnes show full of high energy,total passion and absolutely guaranteed to give you a rocking, nostalgic experience!

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