Artist 725

Celebrity Chef :
Cooking Demonstrations: Television, home shows, shopping centres and private functions and for private dinner parties
Master of Ceremonies:
Royal Children’s Hospital, and a number of other corporate functions
Communications Presentations:
Motivation Seminars for corporate, small business and charity events.
Drama Teacher:
Academy of Television. Ken James School of Drama: comedy, speech, hosting and presenting. He is currently tutoring private students in drama and presentation.
Events Management:
Special events management combinations include entertainment services, food and cooking demonstration. Venues can also be arranged, hotels, boats etc.
TV Credits:
Good Morning Australia 10 Network Blue Heelers 7 Network D Generation – Late Show ABC-TV City High Pilot Bingles Media Arts Time Trax Lorimar Pugwall 7 Network That’s Dancing ABC-TV Inside Running ABC-TV Say G’Day 9 Network Winner Take All ABC-TV Bellamy 10 Network Prisoner 10 Network Sons and Daughters 7 Network Skyways 7 Network Ernie Sigley Show 9 Network Catspaw ABC-TV The Box 10 Network Split Second Grundy’s Glenview High 7 Network The Group 7 Network Barrier Reef 10 Network Skippy 9 Network The Adventures 7 Network


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