Martin has developed many new aspects to his show including a cowboy style spinning rope routine, performed while delivering very clever and contemporary stand up comedy. This is a real crowd pleaser. Being a prolific inventor, Martin has designed and built a gyroscope that can self propel along a string set up to run through or over the audience. This is without a doubt one of the most unique, original and pseudo-scientific routines you will ever see. And then he finishes the show with a have- to- see- to- believe, exhibition of Top spinning. A rare skill taken to a new level which leaves audiences gob-smacked. Again Martin has spent years developing and building his own unique props including two of the largest spinning tops in the world. His show ‘Unbalanced’ is advertised; Martin Ralph Attempting to break two world records. His larger spinning top is nearly one metre high and is powered up to speed (2200.rpm) with an electric drill, while the top is being balanced in his other hand. Martin has installed over 60 small led globes into this top which when speeding up displays a dazzling light display. This is truly the most unique show stopper you and your clients have ever seen The fact that Martin is a past Olympic athlete and his subsequent appointment as a Victorian institute of Sport team coach may at first bear little obvious connection to his determination to succeed as a stand up comedian. It does however go a long way to explaining why Martin is now in high demand as a unique motivational speaker. Few exponents actually possess the combination of achievement credentials and outstanding performance skills as either an entertainer or motivator.