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KEVIN SHEEDY is one of the Australian Football Leagues most enduring coaches, and arguably the most imaginative in the history of the craft. A player and coach for more than 36 years, Kevin has an unsurpassed record of involvement in eight Premierships and in 1998 Kevin broke the record for coaching more professional AFL games than anyone else in history, (now over 800 games).,
\’He is in a league of his own for ideas.\’Sheedy has a remarkably fertile imagination, an insatiable desire to be different and the determination and confidence necessary to push his case, no matter how bizarre it may sound.
He has been a catalyst for many changes: respect for interstate football during the 1980\’s, an expanded interchange bench at the state and club level, a new level of versatility among players, the growing influence and confidence of Aboriginal players, clever manipulation of the draft (which included off-loading three senior players including then-teenager Tony Delaney for untried 16-year-old Matthew Lloyd) and apprenticeships in football.
He began at Richmond in 1967 and played 251 games before retiring in 1979 and was a member of the Premiership Teams in 1969, 1973 and 1974. Kevin was also a Skills Coach at Richmond when they won the 1980 Premiership.
In 1981 he was appointed Senior Coach at the Essendon Football Club, where he has now coached the club for a record of over 550 games in 24 years of continuous coaching during which time the club competed in 19 finals series.
During his time at Essendon, the club has competed in 7 Grand Finals. Premiers in 1984,1985,1993 and 2000. And have won 6 of the 8 \’Night\’Grand Finals they have competed in. He has also coached 59 night games.
Sheeds was \’All Australian\’coach in 1985, 1993 & 2000 and during his time at Essendon the club\’s membership has increased from approximately 15,000 in 1980 – to 36,000+ in 2002. There are plenty of people in football who shake their head in despair when Sheedy\’s name comes up, but \’Sheeds\’won\’t die wondering, and he has a handsome reputation among the football public.
Much of his work is coupled with an effort to maintain a high profile for the Essendon Football Club, Australian Rules Football and sport in general. The number of requests for \’Inspirational Presentations\’by companies Victorian and national are impossible to fulfil. Listed below are some of the organisations he has visited on more than one occasion:
Steggles Poultry Ensign Industries
Coles-Myer Government Departments
Safeway Financial Sector Companies

He excels at Presentations on \’Positive And Lateral Thinking\’\’encouraging staff and management to \’think outside the square: for company and personal pride\’. Presentation requests include: \’Building a Team\’: \’Developing Young Employees\’: \’Coping With Change\’: \’Empowerment AND/OR Leadership In The Workplace.\’
Sheedy\’s successful coaching career anecdotes coupled with a selection of inspirational videos, produce powerful motivational sessions.
He is the co-author of 6 books:
♦ \’Sheeds – A Touch of Cunning\’
♦ \’Sheeds – Pockets of Greatness\’
♦ \’Footballs Women – The Forgotten Heroes\’
♦ \’Second Chance Winners\’
♦ \’Sheeds – Follow Your Dreams\’
♦ \’Coaches 500 Club\’
He received the Advance Australia Award in 1993, was Honoured in1998 as a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his service to sport and the community, awarded the Australia Sports Commission Coach of the Year for 2000 [Domestic] and was also awarded an Australian Sports Medal in recognition of his service to Australian Football. In 2003 Kevin was awarded the Centenary Medal.
He was one of 3 finalists for ‘Coach of the Year\’in the 2000 Australian Sports Awards, and the Essendon Football Team were judged as the National Team of 2000. Which in an Olympic year, is an award that both the EFC and Sheeds are justifiably very proud of. CLIENT FEEDBACK
\’Excellent. It was obvious that Kevin enjoyed himself in the \’total CLUB environment.\’He related well to all our members and created a great atmosphere during his presentation.\’
Clubs Victoria
\’Kevin was very relaxed and quite interesting. He sought to relate the growth and changes experienced in football with the business world, which was most appropriate.\’
National Australia Bank
\’Excellent. Very impressed with Kevin\’s style of delivery and the parallels drawn between football and our business. Everyone benefited from the presentation.\’
Australian Wheat Board
\’Very stimulating speaker giving the audience a multitude ways of thinking and making things happen.\’
Northcote Training Services Inc
\’Excellent. Kevin\’s presentation was enjoyed by everyone who attended.\’
Adelaide City Council
\’Very well prepared and focussed on the audience, related well to audience, excellent interactive presentation.\’
Rowville Secondary College
\’He was well prepared, interesting and related well to a mixed audience.\’
Moorabbin Football Club
\’Presentation very well tailored to our objectives – a seasoned presenter who was particularly well received by an attentive audience.\’
Australian Eagle Life
\’Excellent. Kevin was inspiring and in a subtle way kept driving home our theme.\’
\’Excellent. A great success. Everyone loved his presentation. It was fantastic that he stayed & signed everyone\’s flags, posters, ect. Hume City Council \’Kevin was very entertaining, engaging of the audience and generous of his time in signing autographs and talking to clients. Our guests really enjoyed themselves.\’
Hunt and Hunt Lawyers
\’Excellent. Top performance – I think attendees could have listened to him all day!\’
AIM South Australia
\’Excellent. As the key presenter at our Business Planning Forum, Sheedy provided a excellent balance of thought provoking ideas, incite and motivation which set the tone for a fantastically successful day.\’
A.G Coombs
\’Excellent. Kevin\’s presentation was outstanding, he appeals to staff from around Australia, he clearly made a difference to our conference.\’
Rentokil Pest Control
\’Kevin was excellent, he engaged the audience fully and was very energetic and enthusiastic. All comments from the attendees were positive and I would most certainly recommend him to anyone who was looking for a very adaptable speaker who can engage all levels of the community and business world.\’
Victorian Institute of Water Administration
\’One of the best aspects of Kevin\’s presentation from our group\’s perspecitive was that Kevin talks from his own experiences in regard to coaching and building a business (football club and national league) which allows individuals to draw there own business parallels. Kevin was also very entertaining.\’ Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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