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Bryan Jovi is the Bryan Adams & Bon Jovi live experience. They have both produced countless hits for almost three decades and are still producing hits today. This band has been formed to provide you with a power packed rock show of two brilliant song writing musicians.

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The show is split into two one hour sets of both artists featuring all the big hits backdating through the 80’s to the 90’s and some current hits. The first set is a unique Bryan Adams experience incorporating the leather and denim as we have become so accustomed to with Bryan Adams over the years. The band encourages crowd participation with plenty of sing along and crowd clapping and invites ladies and gents from the audience to join us on stage and sing to hits like “When your gone” and “Summer of 69”. The second set then produces all the glam and passion that is Bon Jovi. The band transforms into the costumes that reflect the colour and excitement of the group. All the big sounds are replicated with use of a voice box to songs like “Living on a Prayer” and “Its my life”. The band again involve plenty of crowd participation and make every effort to leave punters feeling convinced they have seen the next best thing to the real Bon Jovi.

There are not too many tribute bands around that in affect offer two shows for the price of one. There are many similarities between Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi, in that they both have written some of the best power ballads over the years. Bryan Jovi is honoured and proud to be able to step on stage and deliver these songs to audiences across Australia with the same gusto and passion it truly deserves. The show includes a professional audio and light display to engage the audience and make it a memorable night out just like going to a rock concert. For those die hards who love only Bryan Adams or Bon Jovi the show is also available as a separate Adams or Jovi show with two one hour sets of the artist of choice.

Get you dose of Bad Medicine and you’ll be in Heaven !

The Band:
The key success to any tribute/cover band is having the right person on lead vocals. Farren ticks all boxes being an accomplished singer having released his own material, made guest appearances on Neighbours Network 10 and has sung and performed around clubs and pubs. He has the voice and charisma to impersonate these two world renowned idols.

From the young age of 16 Joe was already out in public performing in wedding bands, school functions/musicals. The musical journey has been a valuable one as this guy has a diversified musical back ground. Playing in different bands over the years the styles of music include, Latin/Samba, Rock ’N’ Roll, Jazz, R & B, Folk. Joe adds the finishing touches to the rhythm section of the band on bass guitar.

Mario is an experienced campaigner in the tribute scene. With his previous Keep the Faith Bon Jovi show over a decade ago, Mario knows all about putting on a show of the highest calibre. His solid drumming ability is the back bone of the band and he is proud that he has unearthed the next generation of his musical blood line.

Introducing generation Y and the new blood line of the Manitta family. He’s the youngest member in the band but no doubt the most talented. He plays one of the more difficult instruments in Keyboards but handles it exceptionally well. Allot is expected of Ray with his keyboard sounds and melodies which were a dominant part of the 80’s. Ray delivers it like he was there 20 years ago and feels and important part of the jigsaw.

Ritchie Sambora himself or mini Ritchie as they like to refer to him. Reno has been ripping those guitar solos for sometime from an early age. His accomplished guitar playing ability allows him to capture the sound and energy from all the classic Adams and Jovi hits of the 80’s and 90’s.

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